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Realm of The Mad God is a mmo shooter arcade style game developed by Shadows Studios with Spry Fox in 2010.
The development rights were later purchased by Kabams. starting from July 15, 2016, Deca games has been developing rotmg.
In this game the player will have to face an army of mobs and various bosses.
Realm of The Mad God is presented in the form of an arcade top down shooter with roguelike elements. When your character die he will lose every equipment.
The Story of the game is built around a Mad God who's living in the castle of his name - Oryx Castle, he himself is the final boss of the game.

Welcome to the RealmShop

The oldest store in Realm of The Mad God, here you can find all the items you need:
Maxing Services, Potions of life, defence, deca rings, pixies, sts, acclaims, tops, skins, reskins for your choice.

Why buy rotmg items here?

Automatic delivery via trade in the game 24/7/365 with real support people in the live chat chat. We value our customers, so we don't use annoying bots in the live chat.
We provide a wide range of services for the sale of game items, farm service, accounts.
Our shop accept Amazon, Steam, Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal, Ps4/Xbox Gift cards, CsGo skins.
We provide only high-quality services to our customers since 2014, our reviews.
If you have any questions, please write to us by email: realmofshop@gmail.com

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