Necromancer –  is a long-range fighter, can be very strong in a battle, very similar to Wizard

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Wizard and level 20 with Priest

It uses:

1) Weapon – staff

2) The ability – Skull

3) Clothes – Robe

4) Ring

Its plus:

1) large damage from a long distance and good attack speed

2) Its ability drains the life force from its enemies, thus it replenishes HP to itself and other players nearby, the more enemies will be in the zone of the ability’s action – the more HP you will replenish. After getting  50 WIS, skull will receive bonuses such as increased damage and healing range. The damage bonuses are different per skull but the Heal radius increase is always 0.5 tiles per 10 WIS over 50, with the exception of the Skull of Corrupted Souls, which has a heal radius increase of 0.8 tiles per 10 WIS over 50. Please do not forget about other players, you need to use your ability not only to replenish your HP, but also the HP of other players, so you can save the lives of other gamers.

3) Enough MP and high MP regeneration speed.


1) Poor survival – not enough DEF, so you need to often Dodge enemy shots and time to squeeze your ability to replenish your HP

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