How to play rotmg

When you start playing realm of the mad god, your character will begin at level 1, you can rise your experience level up to 20. After that your main goal should be to explore more challenging parts of the realm, like godland dungeons – godland is a biome, and gods are powerful mobs that upon death can drop said dungeons.

If you manage to beat a godland dungeon or any harder one you have a chance of getting a stat potion – that grants you a single point in a specific stat until a certain limit (different for every class). A character with all stats raised to its limits is called 8/8 (7/8 for 7 stats maxed ect…) – and the process of achieving an 8/8 character will be a topic for the rest of this guide.

To begin with, you need to pick a class that suits you, they all have different stats and purposes, for your first maxing I sincerely recommend taking a bard or necromancer. Then pick stats that you are willing to rise first, the most important ones are defense, speed and life (you won’t be able to find life potions on your own at first, but it will change over time).

Now you can venture into the dungeons, to help you pick the most suitable ones I will list most of them below along with their main potion drop and danger level. (they are all dropped by different mobs, you can either find and drop one yourself, or wait for a call out in the realm chat)

  • Candy hunting grounds: low danger – proper for fresh 20 lvl (att / def / wis)
  • Ancient ruins: low danger (vit / def) Magic woods: low danger (spd / dex)
  • Cave of a Thousand Treasures: low danger (all 6 basic stats)
  • Sprite World: medium danger – proper for 20 lvl with at least t10 gear (dex)
  • Snake pit – medium danger (spd)
  • Undead lair – medium danger (wis)
  • Manor of the Immortals – medium danger (att)
  • Puppet Master’s Theatre – medium danger (att)
  • Toxic Sewers – medium danger (def)
  • Cursed Library – medium danger (wis)
  • Mad Lab – medium danger (wis / def)
  • Abyss of Demons – medium danger (att / vit)
  • Davy Jones’ Locker – medium danger (wis / att)
  • Haunted Cemetery – medium danger (all 6 basic stats)
  • Ice Cave – medium danger (mana / dex)
  • Ocean Trench – medium danger (mana)

There are some other harder dungeons such as the woodland labyrinth, Deadwater Docks and Crawling Depths – that can drop giant stat pots and sometimes a life or mana stat potion. When you find desired potions you can drink them or store them in the vault for later. But if you don’t need a certain potion or you already hit the limit – you can trade 4 random stat potions (called ,,rain” by players) for 1 giant life potion. You can use that for further trade or drink it to gain some max hp.

After making it to 8/8 you can go even further and start exalting. To understand that more you can read the journal in the games menu.

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