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Welcome to the “Bow Classes” page for Realm of the Mad God! This page is dedicated to the three classes that specialize in the use of bows: Archer, Huntress, and Bard.

The Archer class is a versatile ranged fighter that can deal damage to enemies from a safe distance. Their ability, Quiver, provides various buffs to their arrows, allowing them to deal extra damage or pierce through multiple enemies. With their high range and ability to deal damage to multiple enemies at once, Archers are excellent at crowd control and taking down groups of enemies.

The Huntress class is a cunning ranged fighter that specializes in traps and area control. Their ability, Trap, allows them to set various traps on the ground that damage and immobilize enemies. Additionally, their ability to shoot through walls allows them to deal damage from a safe distance. With their ability to control the battlefield and deal damage from a distance, Huntresses are excellent at supporting their allies and disrupting enemy formations.

In addition to the Archer and Huntress, there is another ranged class in Realm of the Mad God: the Bard. The Bard is a support class that uses a lute to provide various buffs to themselves and nearby allies. Their ability, the Performance, allows them to play various songs that provide buffs such as increased speed, healing, or damage. With their ability to support their allies and deal damage from a distance, Bards are excellent at supporting their teammates and providing much-needed buffs during tough battles.

While Bards may not have the damage output of other ranged classes, their support abilities make them a valuable addition to any team. They can keep their teammates alive with their healing abilities, provide speed boosts to help them evade danger, or increase their damage output with their damage buffs. With their ability to quickly switch between songs and provide multiple buffs at once, Bards are a versatile support option that can greatly enhance the capabilities of their team.

Overall, the Archer, Huntress, and Bard are three powerful ranged options in Realm of the Mad God, each with their own unique strengths and abilities. Choose your ranged class wisely and master its abilities to become a formidable force in the world of Realm of the Mad God!

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