Guide for Wizard 2023

Wizard is a great class for beginner players! He uses as a Staff weapon, he has spell, clothes – Robe and as all classes he uses Ring Its pluses: He can deal high damage from a safe distance and has the ability to pierce through enemies with his spell.

1) the hero by default (that is, open to new players from the very beginning)

2) inflicts significant damage from a long distance, fast speed of shooting, few other classes are able to compare with it

3) He is hit in the region with 20 magic shots, while causing good damage

4) has a large mana capacity Minuses:

1) such a class as Wizard has a low health charge, and also protect

2) He also has a small speed of distortion, which is why it can be more difficult to dodge the shots

At the very beginning of the game, I recommend pumping on ordinary mini bots up to 20 lvl and knock out T2 Spell, T6 Robe from them – it is easier to knock it out from the Wasp Queen mob, and also the T6 Staff – it often falls with Horned Drake

The You Can Finish The Gods and Knock Them Out T8 Staff (50-90 Damage), T4 Ring Attack (+7 ATT)


After this goal is achieved, you can knock out the T12 Staff which has (60-100 damage) and T12 Robe (+50 MP, +3 ATT, +12 Def, +6 WIS), T4 Spell (60–115 damage) and T5 Ring Attack (T5 Ring Attack (T5 Ring Attack. +8 ATT)- Most often, all this falls from the Oryx The Mad God 2 dungeon, which opens after stripping bosses and mini-bosses in the world     


((The image shows Oryx the Mad God)

(The image shows Oryx the Mad God 2)

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Also do not forget about the character’s impregnation! Because thanks to the impregnation-your character becomes much stronger, when you reach 8/8 of the impregnation you will have:

1)Hit Points – 670 (a rare pot, highly prized in the game and falls from high-level Dungeons bosses such as: Killer Bee Queen, three Tomb of the Ancients bosses, etc)

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2)Magic Points – 385 (rare pot, but not valued as much as life, also falls from high-level dungeons bosses: it often falls from the blue dragon in Lair of Draconis, from the second boss  The Shaters, босса The Crawling Depths etc)

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3)Attack – 60 (this is the usual sweat that can fall from all bosses and gods)

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4)Defense – 25 (among all the usual pot – this is the most valuable, it also falls from almost all the bosses of the Dungeons, but does not fall from the gods)

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5)Speed – 60 (regular sweat, falls from almost all sides and almost all bosses, often falls from the dungeons Haunted Cemetery bosses and the dungeons Deadwater Docks boss)

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6)Dexterity – 55 (normal sweat, very often falls from Dungeons the Nest and Sprite World, does not fall from the gods)

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7)Vitality – 40 (normal sweat, very often falls from the boss of Abyss of Demons, does not fall from the gods)

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8)Wisdom – 75 (regular sweat, often falls from the God Ghost (the only God that falls from) and with Dungeons Haunted Cemetery)

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Usually impregnation takes a very long time, but it can be very easily reduced and purchased on our website any sweat, at a low price now you can safely go to beat out cool things from the bosses!

In the future, I would advise you to replace the ultu with (ST) Ancient Spell: Pierce (1060–2300 damage)- this Ula is good because it breaks through enemies through and through (falls from the second boss in The Shaters)

So, so that there is more than Damag Ulta on the enemy-you need to apply the cursor on it and, as if to say, activate the ult in it, so you can apply this ultimate to the enemy up to 2300 damage!

Still, I would advise you to find a good ring that will give more survival, a good example (UT) Ring of Decades – it gives +190 health, it falls from the crystals-which are located in the fungal Cavern, but this ring falls very rarely, but there is a 100% chance to get it, you can buy it on our site in the right quantity and at a very tasty price

There are many good rings, but I can highlight one more – this (UT) Bracer of the Guardian – it gives +60 HP, +60 MP, +6 ATT, +6 Def, very good ring, gives good survival, and so manu and attack, which is also important for Wizard (falls with Dange The Shatters, namely from the first boss)

You can still knock out T14 Robe – +65 MP, +5 ATT, +15 Def, +7 Wis in the future, in my opinion very good Robe, which gives good buffs that are very useful Wizard (you can knock it out by killing the boss in Dange The Nest, The first and second boss in Dange Fungal Cavern, and also with the bosses of Dange Lost Hals)

There are sets for Wizard, I can note one – Legacy Twilight Archmage Set, but you need to collect it:

1) (ST)Legacy Sentient Staff – 50-110  +10 HP, +5 MP, +10 WIS  

2) (ST)The Robe of Twilight –       +60 HP, +50 MP, +10 DEF, +3 SPD

3) (ST)Ancient Spell: Pierce –       53–115 damage and complete damage 1060–2300 (falls from the second boss in Dange The Shatters)

4) (ST)The Forgotten Ring –          +75 MP, +7 DEX, +6 DEF  (it can be knocked out from the mob (Ice Adept) в The Shatters)

When you collect all the items, you will get a unique skin, and also additional buffs – +105 HP, +180 MP, +25 Def, +3 SPD, +7 Dex

But this set can not be completely knocked out to be burned, fortunately it can be replaced on our beautiful site, at a very favorable price

Remember that playing for Wizard you can easily die, so you need to not forget about the Nexus button (R), you need to be able to press it in time, in order to avoid deaths! Good luck !

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