Ninja – the fastest class in the game, a class for advanced players.

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Rogue and level 20 with Warrior.

It uses:

1) Weapon – Katana

2) The ability  – Rotmg Star

3) Clothes  –  light Armor

4) Ring

Its adv:

1) The fastest speed in the Realm of The Mad God due to its ability Star, as long as you hold the ability button it gives you a Speedy effect and uses 10 MP per second, after you release the ability, you release a shuriken that deals damage, but you release the shuriken if you have enough MP. With this speed, you can easily Dodge shots and quickly reach the desired places.

2) High damage and very fast attack speed.

3) High MP regeneration rate and good HP regeneration rate.


Its dis:

1)Small margin MP

2)Have little Def stats. You need to be able to hit the Nexus (R) button in a time.

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