Sword classes

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Guide for Warrior 2023
Guide for Paladin 2023

Welcome to the Sword Classes page for Realm of the Mad God! This page is dedicated to three classes that specialize in the use of swords: Knight, Warrior, Paladin.

The Knight class is a heavily armored melee fighter who perfectly absorbs damage and protects his teammates. Their Shield ability allows them to temporarily reduce damage to themselves and their closest allies. Thanks to their high defense and ability to stun enemies, knights are excellent at protecting their teammates and destroying enemy formations.

The Warrior class is a ferocious melee fighter who deals massive damage to enemies with his “Berserk” ability. This ability increases their damage and attack speed, making them a deadly force on the battlefield. Thanks to the high health reserve and damage inflicted, warriors can fight even the strongest enemies.

The Paladin class is a versatile melee fighter who can also support his allies with healing abilities. Their “Seal” ability gives various power-ups to themselves and their closest allies. Possessing high abilities for protection and healing, paladins perfectly preserve the life and health of their allies.

All three of these classes are powerful options that require skills and strategy to play effectively. Each of them has unique strengths and weaknesses, so choose your sword class wisely and master its abilities to become a formidable warrior in the Realm of the Mad God!

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