Guide for pets 2022

You need to choose your pet wisely!

A pet is your companion in the game, who will fight with you side by side, or heal you!

In the game, the pet has only 3 abilities that open up as it improves (rarity), so:

1) Common – one ability, maximum LVL leveling ability – 30 LVL

2) Uncommon – two abilities, maximum LVL leveling ability – 50 LVL

3) Rare – two abilities, maximum LVL leveling ability – 70 LVL

4) Legendary – three abilities, the maximum LVL leveling ability is 90 LVL

5) Divine – three abilities, the maximum LVL leveling ability is 100 LVL

With the maximum level of pumping, the cooldown of skills also decreases, increases damage, also, if it is Heal, or Magic heal, then the number of replenished resources increases, if this stun – the duration of the negative buff on the enemies increases.

Getting a pet is very easy, so the Common egg falls from all the gods and absolutely from all the Dungeon bosses and bosses, it is the Common egg that falls very often that

we can not say about the rest of the eggs (Uncommon, Rare, Legendary)

Uncommon eggs falls from all gods and absolutely from all Dungeon bosses and bosses , but it falls much less often than Common

Rare eggs does not fall with Gods, but it falls with absolutely all Dungeon bosses and bosses, falls even less often than Uncommon  

Legendary eggs just like everything else – falls from all the Dungeon bosses and bosses, but it is the rarest egg, it falls extremely rarely

Divine pet can not be knocked out, but the pet can be improved to a rare Divine

Remember that the higher the level of danger Dungeon, the more chances to knock out an egg of greater rarity

When you the egg, just go to the Pet Yard – it is located in the center of the Nexus (above the Vault), double-click on the egg and now you have a pet

There are different combinations of abilities in Pets and the pet gets them randomly, but the  is called the perfect combination of abilities-this:

1) Heal-gives maximum survival of the character, especially at the maximum level of ability and at the maximum rarity of the pet (Legendary and Divine Pets heal from 69; 90 HP once every 1.4; 1 sek)

2) Magic Heal-thanks to this ability, you can not wait long until you recover mana and you can use the ability (Legendary and Divine Pets fill up 33; 45 MP times in 1.4; 1 sek – at the maximum level of ability)

3) Electrick-ability to save and damage, stuns enemy and deals him damage, very helps in combat (Legendary and Divine Pets-inflict on the maximum level of ability: damage 224; 300, radius 1.7; 2, chance of the stuns -on Divine-20%, duration of the stuns-3; 4 sek, cooldown-0.3; 0.2 sek)

In addition to these abilities, there are more, but these are the most effective, here are other abilities :

1)Attack Close – pet hits enemies at close range, causing good damage, pet rarity Legendary and Divine at max lvl deals 130; 200

2)Attack Mid – pet hits enemies at medium range, rarity Legendary and Divine pet deals 121; 200

3)Attack Far – pet hits enemies at long range, deals 2 times less damage than Attack Close

4)Decoy – the pet takes all the blows on itself, that is, acts as a provocateur, the pet of rarity Legendary and Divine provokes 6; 8 sek

5)Savage – pounces on enemies, very well combined with Attack Mid, or Attack Close, Pets rarity Legendary and Divine radius 6; 8 and cooldown 1.5 – 0.8 sek

6)Rising Fury – deals a devastating explosion on enemies while the pet is standing still-it charges, the more its charge and the closer the enemy is to the center of the explosion – the more powerful the explosion will be, Pets of the rarity Legendary and Divine -radius-6; 8 and damage 1000+; 1500

If you want to pump the LVL of your pet’s abilities – you need to go to Pet Yard, go to Yard Caretaker and click Pets, and go to Feed

 The game has 2 options to pump LVL – this is to feed the pet an item, or feed the pet a special food, each item and food give feed power (experience) in different ways, how much will the item give you can look like this-hover the cursor over the item and at the very bottom of the description will show the number Feed Power

For one item or food, you need to pay Fame, for each rarity of the pet, the price is different.

Food can be obtained by completing tasks in the Daily quest room,

 but it is easier just to knock things out, it is desirable to feed things that give from 300 Feed Power.

In my experience, I can say that it is easiest to go to the Candyland hunting grounds and beat out a few bosses there (UT)Candy Ring, it there falls often and gives 450 Feed Powera, and so-same this danzh infinite and have him endless waves of bosses, so this danzh well suited that-would pofarmit things for feeding, go in this danzh easier just in a special server where open danzhy, people often open there this danzh.

If you don’t want to search for things, you can buy cheap things on the site and feed them to your pet, so you can reduce the time and effort spent.

If you don’t get eggs of good rarity, you can improve your pet to the rarity you need, using Fuse – this function is located in Pet Yard, you need to go to the Yard Caretaker and click Pets, BUT it’s better to start pumping your pet with the perfect combination of abilities!!!

But to pump Pets from Common to Uncommon, you need to:

1) Find another pet of the same type of egg (its abilities are not important to us)

2) Upgrade Pet Yard to Uncommon – it will cost you 500 Fame (Fame is the points you get for the death of your character)

3) Upgrade your main pet to MAX LVL abilities and another pet to MAX LVL abilities

4) IMPORTANT! First click on the main pet – which you want to improve (it should be at the top), and then on the other (it should be at the bottom) – if you do not do this step correctly, you will lose the ability of your pet

This way the pet is pumped to Divine, only each time you need to pump your Pet Yard to the rarity to which you want to pump your pet and you need to cross Pets of the same rarity.

I can notice that to improve you need a lot of Pets of the same type, because of this improvement becomes more difficult and longer,but I can tell you by secret how to do it much easier and faster, just go to the site and buy at a low price eggs in the right amount, of any kind!

That’s about it. Good luck!

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