Abilities is an unique skill for each class in rotmg.
Classification: tier 1-6, UT, ST.
Each class in Realm of The Mad God have own unique ability, that why one class is more popular than another one.
Wizard spell has huge damage from if all the projectiles hit the target.
Warrior helmet grants increased attack and movement speed to itself and its allies.
Paladin signet gives a gradual restoration of health and increased damage. Paladin – one of the best heroes for passing dungeons.
Priest tome instantly restores a certain amount of life, which can save you and your allies in the game from death.
Knight shield allows you to stun enemies and also deals good damage.
Rogue cloak allows him to become invisible; enemies will not attack if there are no other players nearby, so it is better suited if you play alone.
Ninja Shuriken allows him to get maximum speed in rotmg and also inflict good damage.

In addition to the standard abilities that have a tier from 1 to 6, there are UT that have unique properties, some of the most popular are: Shield of Ogmur – Deals more damage than tier 6 and applies armor broken to enemies for 4 seconds.
Seal of Blasphemous Prayer – Among the players it is called Oreo because of its looks like cookies, the coolest thing about this ability is complete invulnerability, which is given for 1.25 seconds + adding time based on the amount of your wis stat.
Helm of the Juggernaut – every warrior dreams of this helmet, its ability doubles your defence and removes the Armor Broken debuff. Tome of Holy Protection – if you play on a priest, then you definitely need to get this tome. In addition to restoring health, you impose the armored effect on yourself, which makes you almost immortal.

There are also St abilities, it’s worth to note about: Ancient SpellDeals pure damage, ignoring all enemy defense, which allows you to deal full damage if you get hit with all the projectiles.

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