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The Nest Key open The Nest dungeon.

The Nest is an extremely dangerous dungeon designed by Mrunibro, a RotMG player and closed tester. It is meant to be a much, much harder version of The Hive, and is the fourth “epic” dungeon released, after Deadwater DocksWoodland Labyrinth, and The Crawling Depths, which were released in 2013.

The best way to tackle this particularly hard dungeon, which is comparably difficult to the Shatters, is with the cooperation of other players to navigate to and defeat the boss. It is highly recommended to not get too close to any enemies, as they do a lot of damage. Teleporting is not allowed, so clearing in a group is recommended over rushing alone.

The dungeon can drop Potions of Defense and Dexterity from the larger enemies, and the boss is a source of Potions of Life and is also the first to drop Greater Potions of Dexterity. In addition, it also drops the ST Swarming Huntress Set, three varieties of UT Leather Armor, a UT Dagger, and a UT helmet.

The dungeon can drop from the Killer Bee Nest, an event boss.


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