Rotmg Shop

Rotmg is a game in which there are many dungeons and various bosses with which you will have to fight to get their wealth to improve your class in order to fight with stronger enemies and not die otherwise everything that you earn from the beginning will be lost, this game dont give you a second chance.

About us

This is a trading store for the game rotmg, in which you have only one life and many enemies that will want to take it. Realmshop will provide you with everything you need to survive in realm of the mad god.
Our live chat support work 24/7 and will help if you have any questions. We have been working since 2014 in our shop often hot sales and profitable promotions, and our prices are the cheap in the game if you find below you will get a discount.
Our store will help you in this battle with the mad god and will provide you with all that you need for this battle:
Potions and sets to make your character stronger, skins for a cool appearance, eggs to get your own pet, that will support you in battles.
All items delivered via trade in game within 5-15 minutes.

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