Paladin – melee combat, will appeal to fans of Warrior and Priest.

It uses:

1) Weapon – Sword

2) the ability – Seals

3) Clothes – Heavy Armor

4) Ring

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Priest and level 20 with Knight



  • This class is taken because of its ability, Seals are used by Paladins to grant a high increase in Healing rate (20 HP/sec), Damaging (+50%), and an  HP Boost to the user and surrounding players for a short period of time. The HP increase also counts as a small heal.
  • Rotmg Wisdom modifier applies to Seals and this increases the Range, the Duration, and the HP Boost, meaning that a Seal used at 75 WIS has 1.5 times the power compared to 50 WIS. This Ulta is somewhat similar to the ability of Priest, only the difference is that Paladin’s seal regen HP not instantly, but over time. Using the ability to think not only about yourself, but also about other players, you will need to live through the ability in time to save lives.
  • Good damage.
  • As well as the Warrior and Knight classes have a good survival rate.
  • High MP regeneration rate.



1)Small Mana Pool

2)Melee, you need to Dodge shots very often, press  (R)  button at a time to not lose all the progress.

3)Just like a Priest, you need to monitor the MP scale to use  the ability.

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