This is the main component of Realm of the Mad God without which it is simply impossible to play. There are eight types of pots in the game that make your character strong:

  • Def pots give the character armor that reduces the damage taken by the character if he is not clean damage. Each character has a certain maximum amount of def. Knight class have maximum defence stat in rotmg – 40 defense of potion.
  • Att pots make your hero’s damage more, you will kill enemies much faster.
  • Dex pots give your character a fast attack speed, which will also increase damage to enemies due to the speed of the projectiles.
  • Spd pots give your hero an increase in movement speed, which allows you to complete dungeons faster and in the ninja class you can develop the highest speed in the game with the help of his ability.
  • Vit pots increase health regeneration rate.
  • Wis pots increase your mana pool and replenish much faster.
  • Life pots will give your hero a health boost that will make him more tenacious.
  • Mana pots will add more mana, allowing you to use abilities more times.

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