Guide for Archer 2022

  Archer – is a Strong class of ranged combat, well suited to those players who like to handle the bow. He uses Bow as a weapon, his Ulta is a magic Quiver, clothes he uses like other assassins – Leather Armor and like all classes he uses Ring

To open it, you need to reach 5 LVL on Priest

Archer cons:

  1. His Ulta – he releases a powerful arrow that passes through enemies, deals good damage and hangs a negative buff on enemies, each Quiver has a different effect, but on the initial T0 -T2 Quiver-the effect is Slow
  2. His shots tearing through enemies- this is effective for hitting large clusters of enemies
  3. His bows have a couple of shots, mostly from one to three shots for one time, which also helps to defeat a lot of enemies
  4. Good movement speed and attack speed

Archer dis:

  1. Small stock of MP
  2. Not very good survival rate, you can die very easily, you need to be able to Dodge shots, as well as at the right time to press the Nexus button (R).

In order to make it easier in battle, you need to start everything gradually, in the beginning you need to swing a little on the beach and near the beach and try to get:

  1. t1(20-50 damage)  – t3 Bow  (30-65 damage)  
  2. t2 (6 Def) – t3 Leather Armor (+7 def)
  3. t1 Quiver – 100-140 damage and + 1 dex
  4. t1 ring ( preferably on Dex, HP or Attack)

Then you should fight with common bosses up to 20 lvl and get this stuff:

  1. T6 Leather Armor  (+10 def and +2 Dex )
  2. T6 Bow (30-55 damage – 2 shots)  

(I was very lucky and my character accidentally falled from this mob)

Your character can often die from mini boss Shambling Sludge

 You should get this items:

  1. t2 – t3  Quiver
  2. t2 – t3 ring (preferably on Dex, HP or Attack)

-this is all very easy and often dropped from this mini boss

Do not forget about the hints in the game, they can help you a lot in finding the mini boss, which you need

I also recommend not to miss such buildings, they have chests – which often contain useful things

From the bosses in godlands you can get:

  1. T8 Bow (180–255 damage)
  2. t7 (+12 DEF, +2 DEX )  – t8 Armor  (+13 DEF, +3 DEX)
  3. T4 ring (HP, Dex and Attack)

The gods are strong mobs that are located on the gray plate of the world. During the farm of the gods, I advise you to be very careful, because they can accumulate a huge number of them, from which very strong players sometimes die, you need to press the Nexus (R) button in time, so as not to lose all progress !

After achieving this goal, you can get:

  1. Т11 (49-70 damage and 3 shots )  – t12 Bow (50-75 damage and 3 shots)  (often drops from the first and third boss of the Shatters)
  2. t12  Armor   (+17 DEF, +4 DEX )
  3. T4 (200-280 damage and +4 DEX) -T5 Quiver (250-310 damage and +5 DEX) 
  4. T5 ring (HP, Dex and Attack )

 – most often, it all drops from the Oryx the Mad God 2 dungeon, which opens after Stripping bosses and mini-bosses in the world

  (The image shows Oryx the Mad God )

 After the defeat this boss, Oryx the Mad God 2 opens (The image shows Oryx the Mad God 2)

Also do not forget about the character’s stats! Because thanks to the maxing – your character becomes much stronger, when you reach 8/8:

  1. Hit Points – 700(a rare pot, much appreciated in game and drops from high-level Dungeons bosses such as: Killer Bee Queen, three Tomb of the Ancients bosses, etc)
  2. Magic Points – 252(rare pot, but not valued as much as life, also falls from high-level dungeons bosses: it often falls from the blue dragon in Lair of Draconis, from the second boss  The Shaters, The Crawling Depths etc)
  3. Attack – 75(this is the common pot, that can drops from all bosses and gods)
  4. Defense – 25(among all the common pot – this is the most valuable, it also drops from almost all the bosses of the Dungeons, but does not drop from the gods)
  5. Speed – 50(common pot, that drops from almost all gods and bosses, often drops from the dungeons Haunted Cemetery bosses and the dungeons Deadwater Docks boss)
  6. Dexterity – 50(common pot, very often drops from Dungeons the Nest and Sprite World, does not fall from the gods)
  7. Vitality – 40(common pot, very often falls from the boss of Abyss of Demons, does not fall from the gods)
  8. Wisdom – 50 (common pot, often drops from the God Ghost (the only God that drops from) and with Dungeons Haunted Cemetery)

Now you can safely go to beat out cool things from the bosses!

I advise you to get (UT)Leaf Bow (115-170 damage) – This bow is good because it is very fast – it drops from the Woodland Labyrinth boss

Still, I would advise you to find a good ring that will give more survival, a good example (UT) Ring of Decades – it gives +190 health, it drops from the crystals-which are located in the Fungal Cavern, but this ring drops very rarely, but there is a 100% chance to get it.

Another ring that is very good for Archer is (UT) The Forgotten Crown (+110 HP, +6 AT, +6 DEX) – this ring has everything that Archer needs. Drops from the third boss The Shatters, but it rarely drops and it will be problematic to get it!

It is also desirable to replace the armor with (UT)Spectral Cloth Armor (+3 ATT, +14 DEF, +3 SPD, +3 DEX) – (Drops from the boss Davy Jones’s Locker)

For Archer there are sets, now I will tell you about one more Phantom Racer Set – to build it you need:

  • (ST)Deathless Crossbow  – a good bow, which has high enough damage. Drops from the boss of the dungeon Cursed Library.
  • (ST)Wraith’s Brigandine  – +80 HP +14 DEF.  Drops from the dungeon boss Cursed Library.
  • (ST)Quiver of Shrieking Specters – very powerful Ulta, resembles the classic Spell Wizard because it also produces 20 shells – each shell has 85-130 damage, full damage 1700-2600. It also puts the Slow effect on the enemy and gives you the Speed effect. Drops from the boss Davy Jones’s Locker.
  • (ST)Revenant Ring  –  +50 HP, +3 ATT, +9 Vit . Drops from the boss  Davy Jones’s Locker.

When you collect all the items, you will get a unique skin, and additional buffs: +235 HP, +95 MP, +25 DEF, +3 ATT, +5 DEX, +14 VIT.

That’s all about it. I wish you good luck!!!

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