In the rotmg there are 3 classes who wear daggers
3 classes that use bows
3 classes that attack by staves
2 wand classes
3 swords meleee classes
and ninja and samurai that are using katanas

Weapons differ in firing range, rate of fire, damage, and bullet visual effect.

For example
Bow of covert havens
Has a range of 7 tiles, attacks 16 tiles / second, fire 3 bullets dealing 50-75 dmg each.

Staff of the cosmic whole
Has a range of 8.55 cells, attacks at a speed of 18 cells / second, 2 bullets dealing 60-100 damage each.
and a Sword of Acclaim that have:
Shots 1
Damage 220–275 (average: 247.5)
Range 3.5 tiles
Shots 1
Projectile Speed ​​10 tiles / second

There total 14 tiers of weapons in Realm of the mad god, also untiered weapons and st weapons

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