Guide for trade 2022

The game has an exchange function between players, now I will tell you more about it.

The exchange function is open from the very beginning of the game, you can exchange at any time, but the most important thing is that there is a player next to you – with whom you exchange.

To start exchanging with a player you need to:

1) Go to it (preferably as close as possible), it will be marked in the lower-left corner

2) Right click on the player you need and click the Trade function

3) Choose the item you want to exchange, the player you are exchanging with must also choose the item to exchange (it all depends on the situation)

 and now you both have to agree to the exchange by clicking the exchange button.

By the way our website is based on the exchange function here you can very quickly buy the thing you need at a very tasty price

In the game you can tell how the currency exchange is a Potion, usually things are measured in Potion of Life this Potion is considered the most rare and valuable in the game, usually buy the Potion of Life for 6 Potion of Defense (as the same is considered to be a valuable Potion, but it is not as rare as the Potion of Life and not so valuable – the third value), still Life exchanged for 3 Potion of Mana (standing in second place in value) and 7-8 exchanged for any other Potion, let us assume for the Potion of Attack or Potion of Vitality, etc. In General, the most valuable potions are: first place-Potion of Life; second place Potion of Mana; third place Potion of Defense. All other potions are poorly valued in the game and are not considered rare. But you can buy any Potions on the site, in the quantity you need, at a cheap price, plus you will get it all quickly  —- >

So-same in my opinion on the market the most popular subject-this (UT) Ring of decades (+190 HP), his usually buy and sell for 8 Potion of Life. In General, the game has a lot of items that you can exchange, this item I think is the most popular. You can also quickly and profitably buy it on the site —->

In the game, there are servers for trading (exchange), at the moment it is the USWest3 server. but the servers often change. In this server there are a lot of players who want to exchange with other players.

I can also tell you about a very rare case in the exchange – it’s a fraud, it happens that when you choose an item and another player too, he can quickly remove the item, you at this time agree to exchange and he too, and it turns out that you do not get anything and he will take your item, this happened to me 2 times, so I recommend being careful. In General, I recommend that you better buy the item you need on here you are sure no one will deceive you, and will deliver your things to you very quickly

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