Exalt Account Manager

Exalt Account Manager by Maik8

Exalt Account Manager (EAM for short) is a bundle of powerfull tools to manager all your accounts for the game “Realm of the mad god” (ROTMG) exalt version. EAM’s main purpose is to be an upgrade to the original game launcher by offering a pain free multi-account experience.


  • Quickly open exalt with different accounts
  • Open multiple instances of Exalt at once with the click of a button
  • Windows Data Protection API encrypted save-file
  • Game Updater
  • Import accounts from a muledump formated-, .csv, .EAMexport or custom formated text file
  • Automaticly fetch the Account name if you leave the username-textfield blank while adding an account
  • Auto Daily Login for choosen accounts
  • Detect running Exalt instances and the logged in account
  • Create login-tokens at runtime
  • GUI-Log
  • Graphical statistics
  • Vault Peeker
  • Ping Checker
  • Help / Troubleshooting build-in
  • Token-Viewer

How to get started

  1. Make sure you have .Net Framework 4.8 installed.
    You can get the installer directly from Microsoft.
  2. Download the latest release of EAM: found here.
  3. Unzip the release to anywhere you seem fit.
  4. Start the ExaltAccountManager.exe in there.


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