Guide for Knight 2022

Knight is a very survivable class and more for beginners.
He uses:
1) Weapon – Sword
2) Ult – magical and powerful Shield
3) Clothes – Heavy Armor
4) Ring
How to Unlock – Reach level 20 with Warrior

Its pluses:
1) Very high survivability – it has a lot of armor, a lot of HP and a high HP regeneration rate, thanks to this it is considered the most surviving class.
2) Good hand damage
3) Thanks to his ultimate, you can easily deal with enemies – he hits enemies with his shield in the area and imposes a stun on them.

1) A small supply of MP
2) Close combat, you need to dodge shots very often, and you also need to be able to press the Nexus (R) button so as not to lose all progress.

To use Knight effectively, you first need to level up on low-level mini bosses on the shore, near the shore and knock out these items:
1) t1 (60-105 damage) – t2 Sworld (75-105 damage)
2) t1 (+5 def) – t2 Heavy Armor (+6 def)

Now the task is more difficult – Then pump on the usual mini bosses up to 20 LVL and knock them out
1) T6 Heavy Armor (+12 def)
2) T2 Shield (+4 Def) or T3 Shield (+ 6 Def)
3) t5 Sword (90-135 damage) – t6 Sword (30-210 damage)
4) t2 – t3 ring (Defense or HP, and attack)
These kinds of things are often dropped by these mini bosses:

Do not forget about the hints in the game, they can help you a lot in finding the right mini boss

I also recommend not to miss such buildings, they have chests – which often contain useful things

After you have done all this, you need to go farm the gods and knock them out
1) T8 Sword (180–255 damage)
2) t7 Heavy Armors (+13 def)
3) T4 ring (HP and Attack)

The gods are strong mobs that are on the gray plate of the world. During the farm of the gods, I advise you to be very careful, since they can accumulate a huge number of them, from which very strong players sometimes die, you need to press the Nexus (R) button in time, so as not to lose all progress!

After achieving this goal, you can knock out:
1) Т11 Sword (210-270 damage) – t12 Sword (220-275 damage)
2) t12 Heavy Armors (+23 Def)
3) T4 Shields (+8 DEF) -T5 Shields (+10 DEF)
4) T5 ring (HP and Attack)

  • most often, it all falls from the Oryx the Mad God 2 dungeon, which opens after Stripping bosses and mini-bosses in the world

(The image shows Oryx the Mad God)

After the defeat of this boss opens Oryx the Mad God 2
(The image shows Oryx the Mad God 2)

If you are tired of not getting things, I have a solution for that! The things you need can be easily, profitably and quickly purchased on the site

1)Hit Points – 670 (a rare pot, highly prized in the game and falls from high-level Dungeons bosses such as: Killer Bee Queen, three Tomb of the Ancients bosses, etc)

2)Magic Points – 385 (rare pot, but not valued as much as life, also falls from high-level dungeons bosses: it often falls from the blue dragon in Lair of Draconis, from the second boss  The Shaters, босса The Crawling Depths etc)

3)Attack – 60 (this is the usual sweat that can fall from all bosses and gods)

4)Defense – 25 (among all the usual pot – this is the most valuable, it also falls from almost all the bosses of the Dungeons, but does not fall from the gods)

5)Speed – 60 (regular sweat, falls from almost all sides and almost all bosses, often falls from the dungeons Haunted Cemetery bosses and the dungeons Deadwater Docks boss)

6)Dexterity – 55 (normal sweat, very often falls from Dungeons the Nest and Sprite World, does not fall from the gods)

7)Vitality – 40 (normal sweat, very often falls from the boss of Abyss of Demons, does not fall from the gods)

8)Wisdom – 75 (regular sweat, often falls from the God Ghost (the only God that falls from) and with Dungeons Haunted Cemetery)

It would be very cool if you beat out (ST) Mary’s Greatsword (185-245 damage) – this is a great sword for Knight because it ignores the enemy’s armor (drops out with Oryx the Mad God 2)

Usually impregnation takes a very long time, but it can be very easily reduced and purchased on our website any sweat, at a low price now you can safely go to beat out cool things from the bosses!

It would be very cool if you beat out (ST)Mary’s Greatsword (185-245 damage)- this is a great sword for Knight  because it ignores the enemy’s armor (drops out with Oryx the Mad God 2)

Still, I would advise you to find a good ring that will give more survival, a good example (UT) Ring of Decades – it gives +190 health, it falls from the crystals-which are located in the fungal Cavern, but this ring falls very rarely, but there is a 100% chance to get it, you can buy it on our site in the right quantity and at a very tasty price

That’s about it. Good luck!!!

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