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Welcome to the Katana Classes page for Realm of the Mad God! This page is dedicated to the three classes that specialize in the use of katanas: Samurai, Ninja, and Kensei.

The Samurai class is a powerful melee fighter that specializes in high damage output. Their ability, the Katana Blast, unleashes a powerful wave of energy that damages enemies in a wide area. With their high attack speed and critical hit chance, Samurai can quickly take down even the toughest enemies.

The Ninja class is a stealthy melee fighter that excels at hit-and-run tactics. Their ability, the Shuriken, allows them to throw a flurry of throwing stars at enemies from a distance. Additionally, their ability to teleport short distances allows them to quickly escape danger or get into a better position to attack.

Finally, the Kensei class is a unique combination of the Samurai and Ninja classes. They have the high damage output and critical hit chance of the Samurai, along with the teleportation and stealth abilities of the Ninja. Their ability, the Celestial Blade, deals massive damage to enemies in a straight line, making them an excellent choice for taking on groups of enemies.

All three of these classes are high-risk, high-reward options that require skill and finesse to play effectively. However, in the hands of a skilled player, they can be some of the most devastating and deadly classes in the game. So choose your katana class wisely, master its abilities, and become a master of the blade in the world of Realm of the Mad God!

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