How to trade rotmg

The trading system in rotmg is a very useful feature that can help the player grow and gain access to items that otherwise would be hard or even impossible to get. The main resources used in trade are: stat potions (lingo: ,,rain”) – including small and giant life potions (,,l” and ,,gl”), tiered and untiered gear (,,T” or ,,UT”) including rings (for example UnBoundHealthRing or Ring of Decades), items with feed power value, items with forge value, pet eggs, subtype weapons, character skins and many more.

To trade another player you need to simply click on their name on chat or left bottom box on your screen and select ,,trade” option, you can also type /trade *name* in the chat. You can find many interesting trade offers and find out prices on websites and discord servers such as realmeye, rotmg official server, discord, but many players prefer to trade using text chat on in-game servers USWest or USEast.

For newcomers, this may seem a little confusing, but getting started by farming some stat pots in early game locations is a great way to learn item value and how to make it into profit. If you manage to beat dungeons such as snake pit, ancient ruins or magic woods and gather 4 stat potions you can already try to sell it for a gl. and that can buy you a piece of decent armor or ability.

Or you can just dring the gl for some more life. Later you can try to trade uts and gl for decas rings, and trade them for other goods like pixie sword or skins. High value items can be stored for later to help you recover from the death of a character or in case you want to create a brand new one. Making a new character that you are ready to make 8/8 as soon as it hits 20 lvl is really convenient and helps in keeping the pace of your gameplay.

Some items aren’t tradable (since they are ,,soulbound”), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help yourself to obtain them since later after getting a hang of it, you can trade for more peculiar items such as dungeon keys, rare set tier (st) gear or even event quest rewards.

And believe me – it can save a great amount of time when you need a soulbound piece of equipment for your character build (for example rare st soulless robe, great for any magic build that needs more survivability). Here is a short list of cheap useful items you can trade for to make your gameplay more enjoyable and efficient: * Ring of Exalted Health can be bought for 1gl * most of tier 12 weapons can be bought for 1 l or 1gl * most of t 5 abilities can be bought for 1 l or 1gl * most of the common and uncommon eggs can be bought for 1 l or 1gl * you can buy items of 500 feed power value for 1gl And for a few more gl you can buy decent uts like esben skull, cloak of planewalker, candy-coated armor, soulless robe or Doku No Ken. All of said items are available at for the cheapest price on the market, along with many free promo offers.

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