Muledump 2023

What is it?

This tool allows you to list contents of all your accounts in a single page (characters, their stats and items, items in vaults). Also it generates a summary of all the items – you probably saw screenshots of these in trading forum.

The point of playing the game is to have fun. Muling is not fun. I am trying to increase overall fun ratio by decreasing amount of time spent fussing with mules and storagekeeping.

To use a muledamp:

  1. You need to use Jaki CORS extension (Firefox version and Chrome version) or any other CORS extension
  2. Download muledump version(but don’t update the muledamp version automatically)

To use OneClickLogin

  1. You need to install AutoIt and AutoHotkey and get Current Version (NOT V2 Alpha)
  2. You need to change the path in the end of mulelogin.au3 (see below), the default value is “Path\Jaki-Muledump-Wawa-Update-master” (you can edit it with notepad)
    In my case, I need to change $muledumpPath = "Path\Jaki-Muledump-Wawa-Update-master\" into $muledumpPath = "D:\Desktop\Jaki-Muledump-Wawa-Update-master\"
  3. You need to reinstall mulelogin.au3 (double click on it and select “Try Again”)
  4. You need to enable One Click Login in Muledump (Go to Setup -> Settings -> Enable One Click Login : Yes)
  5. Click the arrow icon in Muledump, it will show an empty command prompt.
  6. Wait a bit, then close it. This step is to get your clientToken
  7. After closing it, the game will launch

If there is some kind of error :

  1. Look in muledump folder, open a file called quickLaunch.ini (not the .ahk :p)
  2. If clientToken is empty :
  • Double click on quickLaunch.ahk, wait there is a command prompt, then close it.
  • You get some error message, it’s all good. Now go look inside the .ini file
  • If it has clientToken, you can just use the arrow in muledump, otherwise, write your clientToken using fiddler
  1. If user/pass is empty, it means muledump didn’t give info to .au3
  2. If all info are correct, it means the .ahk is having issues

Shiny Wawa Option Update (with Pet Integration!) :

Dungeon Stats on your account :

Gift/Other Stats on your account :


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