Armors – there are only 3 types of armor in rotmg.
Leather Armors for: rogue, archer, assassin, huntress, trickster, ninja. It have tiers from 1 to 13, the main stats are def and dex.
In UT and ST there can be different stats, as well as some have buffs for example:

Turncoat Cape

+18 def
+10 spd
on taking over 40 damage gives you invisibility for 2 seconds.
cooldown: 5 seconds

Hollyhock Hide

+10 def
+8 dex
+5 vit
+3 spd
10% chance to receive dex boost (+10 dex) for 5 seconds on taking damage

Robes for: wizard, priest, necromancer, mystic, sorcerer, bard. In standard shooting ranges it gives att, def, wis and mana.
From UT and ST it’s worth looking at:
Soulless Robe

+60 HP
+15 DEF

Shendyt of Geb

+25 HP
+25 MP
+15 DEF
+7 VIT
+7 WIS

Vesture of Duality

+12 DEF
+10 SPD
+5 ATT
+40 MP
when used grants: ATT boost (+15 ATT) and DEF decrease (-6 DEF) on self for 5 seconds.

Heavy Armors for: warrior, knight, paladin, samurai.
The standard tiers gives only protection.
From UT and ST the most popular are:
Fairy Plate

+20 def
+ 40 HP and MP

Resurrected Warrior’s Armor

+150 MP
+17 DEF
+15 WIS
imposes debuff on you (-10 wis) for 3 seconds when taking damage.

Heavy Protective Matrix

+21 Def
gives you a chance not to die due to the buff.
taking damage when below 75 HP: Gain Invulnerable for 2 seconds and Dazed for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 240 seconds

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