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Sorcerer – Ranger class, this class is for moderate players, it uses:

1) weapon –  Wand

2) Ulta – Scepter

3) clothes – Robe

4) Ring

To open it, you will have to go the hard way – you need to reach 20 LVL on Necromancer and 20 LVL on Assassin

Its plus:

1) His Ulta deals good damage to several enemies, each Scepter has a different number of enemies, which are dealt damage and different damage Damage per WIS>50


2)Average movement speed.

3) It has good damage

4) Large amount of Mana

5) Strong health regen

Its disadvantages:

1) Health poions, so you can easily die if you fly into some enemy, you need to be enough careful playing this class.

2) Little amount of defence.