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  Priest – distant battler, this class is used to replenish HP for both of yourself and other players:

1) Weapon –  Wand

2) Ulta –  Tome

3) Clothes – Robe

4) Ring

How to Unlock: Reach level 5 with Wizard

Its plus:

1) His ability to replenish the HP of all who stand within the range of the ability, thanks to his ability, and many Realm of The Mad God players survive in difficult dungeons, etc. Playing for Priest you need not only to heal yourself in time, but also to heal other players, this is the support  class. You also need to always monitor the MP scale. Wisdom modifier  applies to Tomes and this increases the Range, the Heal amount, and the Healing duration, meaning that a Tome used at 75 WIS has 1.5 times the power compared to 50 WIS.

2) Good speed and long-range combat, will help you to easily Dodge shots

3) Large  pool of mana

4) Strong MP regeneration

Its disadvantages:

1) Not enough HP, you need to able press the save button to save char in nexus.

2) Little Def, because of this poor survival rate.