Wizard 8/8 Rogue 8/8 +Trap of the Vile Spirit SOLD



Buy rotmg 44 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 44
  • Slots: 2
  • Chest: 2, All items shown on images
  • Character: Wizard 8/8, Rogue 8/8
  • UT: CBow Armor t14 Corrupted Souls, SS Candy Armor Spectral Dager, Trap of the Vile Sprit, Frozen Wand, Crystal Wand, CBlase, Cytlass, DBlade, DBow, CSword, Concertina, Robe Scientist, Planewalker, Tricorne seas
  • Live fame: 162
  • Pet: Rare Canine Heal 70 MH 68 Savage 0


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