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The Treasure Map open Cave of a Thousand Treasures dungeon.

The Cave of a Thousand Treasures is a medium-level dungeon intended for moderately powerful (level 20 unmaxed) characters. The dungeon is a source of various stat increase potions (excluding Life and Mana) and medium-tiered equipment but does not drop any untiered items.

Due to its rarity, this dungeon is part of the Mighty quest pool despite its relatively low difficulty. The Tinkerer has a chance to offer a daily quest that requires only one mark dropped from the boss, the Golden Oryx Effigy. The rewards for completing the quest include the usual Quest Chest along with a Loot Drop and Loot Tier Potion, making this daily quest more rewarding than the other Mighty quest dungeons.

Entrances to the dungeon have a low chance of dropping from Djinns.

This dungeon does not need to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.


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