Rotmg account Archer 8/8 Warior 8/8 doom bow cbow uncommon canine 50/45+steam SOLD



Buy rotmg 21 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 13
  • Slots: 2
  • Chest: 2, All items shown on images
  • Character: Archer 8/8 Warior 8/8
  • UT: DBow Сbow and all items shown on images
  • Live fame: Archer 344 Warior 468
  • Pet: Uncommon Canine Heal 50/50 Rising Fury 45/50 Decoy 0/50

This account is tied to a Steam account, buying this account you also receive Steam

This item drops from the Undear Lair’s final and secret bosses, as well as
from the Heroic Version of the dungeon and from the Prismatic Defender that can only be
encountered on special events. This Doom bow has been highly usable and versatile for many
years, isn’t very hard to acquire and deals lots of damage, however, might be a little hard
and unusual to use if you have never used it before since it is relatively slow and takes some
time to get used to just one arrow instead of three.

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