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Nativity Tome: A most holy manuscript taken from an ancient celestial library, brimming with golden light that wrests the innocent from the clutches of death. Sprite Credits: Dappertron

Tier: UT (Limited)
MP Cost: 85
Party Heal (Lvl 20): left{begin{matrix} 200 & text{wis}<30 200+frac{4cdottext{wis}}{3}& 30leqtext{wis} end{matrix}right.  HP

Range: left{begin{matrix} 5 & text{wis}<30 5+frac{text{wis}}{30}& 30leqtext{wis} end{matrix}right.  sqrs

Effect: Speedy for left{begin{matrix} 1.5 & text{wis}<30 1.5+frac{text{wis}}{100}& 30leqtext{wis} end{matrix}right.  seconds

Party Effect: Healing for left{begin{matrix} 6 & text{wis}<30 6+frac{text{wis}}{25}& 30leqtext{wis} end{matrix}right.  seconds
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 380


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