ROTMG [ENDGAME]{LEGENDARY} ACCOUNT Knight/Warrior/Priest/ Ninja/Sorcerer 8/8 Legendary Pet Heal 78/Magic Heal 73



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 Buy rotmg 60 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 60
  • Character Slots: 8
  • Chest: ST Toxin Tooth, Dungeon Key, Easter Knight Set, all items shown on images
  • Gift chest: Backpack, potion of max level, ST and UT items, lucky clover and much more
  • Slots Chest: 26 of 140
  • Character: Knight/Warrior/Priest/Ninja/Sorcerer 8/8, Necromancer 7/8, Paladin 5/8
  • Account Fame: 1126
  • Live fame: 9 956
  • UT: Ancient Stone Sword, Resounding Shiels, Candy-Coated Armor, Ring of the Nile, Perennial Cranium, Skull of Krampus, Pirate King’s Cutlass, Magical Lodestone, Apocalypse Feather, Ring of Decades, Experimental Ring, Advent Seal, Wand of the Bulwark, Natibity Tome, Botany Book, Midnight Star, Fire Blade, Ilex Star, Judge’s Robe, Scepter of Sainthod, Sunny Side Bow, Archerang, Locked Reactor, Beehemoth Armor, Cloak of the Planewalker, Fractured Gremstone Wakizashi and all items shown on images
  • ST: Spriteful Shield, Eggre Battle Armor, Tiara of Eggscelent Sturdiness, Eternal Graved Great Sword, Grotesque Scepter, Staff of Eruptiom, The Tobe of Twilight, Ring of the Inferno, Kamishimo, Tricorne of the High Seas, Naval Uniform, Ceremonial Merlot, Anointed Robe, Akuma’s Tear, Abomination’s Wrath, Mercy’s Bane, Champion’s Bastion, Bloodstone Ring and all items shown on images
  • Skins Unlocked: 11
  • Pet: Legendary Pet Heal 70/ Magic Heal 70/ Rising Fury 53

This realm of the mad god 60 stars account also include email and game password.

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