Knight 8/8 Ogmur, Acidic Slasher, T14 Armor, Indomptable. Archer 7/8 QoT SOLD



Buy rotmg 35 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 35
  • Slots: 4
  • Chest: 2, All items shown on images
  • Character: Knight 8/8, Assassin 6/8, Archer 7/8, Necromancer 0/8
  • UT: Ogmur, Acidic Slasher, T14 Armor, Indomptable QoT, Judgement, Hollyhock Hide, CBow Armor t14 Corrupted Souls, Robe t14, Edictum Praetoris, SS Candy Armor Spectral armor, Spectral Dager, Ghostly, Silk, Trap of the Vile Sprit, Frozen Wand, Anointed Rove, Theurgy Wand
  • Live fame: 4114
  • Pet: Rare spooky Heal 56 MH 54 Electric 0

Drops from Lord of the Lost Lands and from the Keyper that gets added on certain events. Ogmyr is a shield that is useful in any dungeon that has a boss or enemies with lots of def like Avatar of the Forgotten King or Oryx the Mad God. Besides a very useful Armor Break effect, this item also gives the important +60hp and +14def stats. Would recommend having this shield in your inventory together with a standard shield that can stun the enemy.

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