Knight 8/8 Crystal Shield Wizard 8/8 T14 robe SOLD



Buy rotmg 16 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 16
  • Slots: 2
  • Chest: 2, All items shown on images
  • Character: Knight 8/8 Wizard 8/8
  • UT Pixie, Candy Ring, Kamishimo, Sickle, Pyra, Ryus Blade, Rusty Cuffs, Quiver Specters, Mori, Doku, Planewalker, High Seas, Fallen, Robe t14, Warlord Wand, Fist Hook
  • Live fame: 359
  • Pet: Rare Spooky H59 MH56 Atack Far 0


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