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5 x Oryx’s Sanctuary runs
This system grants completion of a dungeon when the boss is killed on an 8/8 character, assuming you dealt damage to the boss. The player will receive permanent stat boosts upon completing 5/10/15/20/25 of one of the required dungeons (each milestone granting +1 to that stat, or +5 to Life/Mana), for a maximum of +5 to all stats (+25 for Life/Mana). Unlike regular stat boosts, Exaltations are permanent for that class and cannot be lost, meaning that once a stat boost has been achieved, every future instance of that class will also have the stat boost.

Oryx’s Sanctuary is an endgame dungeon designed to be the most challenging content in the game, surpassing even endgame dungeons such as the Lost Halls and The Shatters. This dungeon is one of the Exaltation dungeons, boosting Life, and notably has a 50% chance to grant an additional Exaltation.

The Sanctuary is accessible after defeating Oryx the Mad God 2 in the Wine Cellar; all three Oryx Runes must be used to unlock the portal, although the runes will be returned to the respective players if not all three are present. However, there is a small chance that one or more of the runes will be already active upon defeating Oryx 2, which includes an extremely small chance that all three will activate and the portal will open by itself upon a Wine Cellar clear.
The animation for unlocking Oryx’s Sanctuary:

The dungeon is the only source of T7 abilities, while being one of two sources of T15 armors and T14 weapons; it also drops a large number of incredibly powerful UT items (20) divided among five themed sets, and is the sole drop location of the Angelic Bard Set.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Travel of the Decade‘, ‘Hero of the Nexus’ and ‘Realm of the Mad God’ fame bonuses.

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