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Items require varying quantities of materials, with UT’s forged from common Common Material, rare Rare Material and legendary Legendary Material materials, and ST’s forged from mythical Mythical Material materials.

These materials are obtained by dismantling other untiered/set tier items.

Materials cannot be extracted from the item they are a part of; they are a part of the item itself and cannot exist on their own. Because of this, unused materials are not saved nor stored between forges.

Majority of items also require marks from the dungeon they drop from to forge.

There are a few differences between UT and ST forging beyond materials though. Some powerful endgame UT’s require at least one UT from its same dungeon/set of dungeons. For example, a Crystal Shield requires at least one other UT from the Fungal/Crystal Cavern is used to forge it. ST’s on the other hand require Mythical Set Tokens for their respective set instead of dungeon marks. These tokens drop from various specific dungeons.


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