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Trickster – class with an average attack distance, Stats are similar to Assassin, Trickster has 5 more attacks in Realm of The Mad God.

It uses:

1) Weapon – Dagger,

2) Ability Р Prism

3) Clothes – Light Armor

4) Ring

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Assassin and level 20 with Paladin

Its plus:

1)Unique ability –¬† its Prism capability when the ability is used on most prisms, the player will teleport to the location of their cursor. In most cases, a decoy appears where they were before the activation and walks towards the way you were moving. Decoys will cause enemies to attack them instead of other players if they are the closest target. If the player is standing still and uses the prism, the decoy.

2) VERY fast attack speed

3) VERY fast movement speed, so you can effectively Dodge shots


1) He has little Def, which reduces survival, you need to be able to press the Nexus (R) button in time, and even Dodge shots.

2) Little MP