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Samurai  –  this class is something between Warrior and Ninja. This class is for more advanced players.

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Knight and Ninja.

It uses:

1) Weapon – Katana

2) Ulta  – Wakizashi

3) Clothes  – Heavy Armor

4) Ring


Its plus:

1) Due to the fact that it uses Heavy Armor and it has a good HP regeneration – this increases its survival rate

2) High damage and very fast attack speed

3) His ulta –  Wakizashi are used by Samurai to perform a slash attack across the player’s line of aim. The intersection of this attack is centered on the crosshair unless the crosshair is too far from the player, in which case they intersect at maximum range. Higher tiered (and most untiered) wakizashi can inflict the Exposed status effect, which reduces the target’s defense by 20.

4) High speed of movement – help easier to Dodge enemy shots


Its disadvantages:

1)Small margin MP

2)Melee, you need to Dodge shots very often, and you also need to be able to press the Nexus (R) button so as not to lose all progress.