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Mystic – ┬áis a long-range fighter, another version of Wizard. Equipping Staff and orb that can Stasis enemies. Can be really strong in a hard dungeons, especially when you need to save some time by stasing mobs.

How to Unlock: Reach level 20 with Huntress and level 20 with Necromancer

Its plus:

1) large damage from a long distance and good attack speed

2) Good movement speed-it helps to Dodge enemy shots.

3) Enough MP and high regeneration speed.

4) Its ability turns enemies in the area to the stone, in this state, the enemies can not be hit, they do not move and they can not hit you, after they are released from the stone shell, they are cursed – an increase of 20% to all damage inflicted on them. The ability can save you from enemies when they are in such a state, you can easily escape from them, or in a battle.


1) Little endurance – not enough DEF