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This is a fork of Atomizer’s Muledump.


This tool allows you to list contents of all your accounts in a single page (characters, their stats and items, items in vaults). Also it generates a summary of all the items – you probably saw screenshots of these in trading forum (example).

The point of playing the game is to have fun. Muling is not fun. I am trying to increase overall fun ratio by decreasing amount of time spent fussing with mules and storagekeeping.


Currently due to how Deca handles requests to ROTMG servers a browser extension is required to use this Muledump.

See the Requirements page for more information.

Head over to Installation and Setup in the wiki for a detailed setup guide.

Steam Users Setup Guide

Kongregate Users Setup Guide

One Click Login Setup Guide

Release Information

The current version is Jakcodex/Muledump v9.6.

Muledump Online is available hosted on Github here.

All released versions are available for download here.

Muledump Online Version

  • Open https://jakcodex.github.io/muledump/muledump.html
  • Returning users can upload a backup or import their existing accounts.js file
  • New users will be guided through first time setup
  • This version runs entirely on your local computer and is updated automatically with new releases
  • All user and account data submitted and stored in this version never leaves your computer

Muledump Local Version

  • Unzip the latest muledump release
  • Open muledump.html
  • First time users will be guided thru Muledump setup
  • Returning users are ready to go immediately

Main Features

  • Manage all of your ROTMG accounts from a single interface
  • SetupTools – An easy to use, browser-based user interface for managing Muledump
  • Groups Manager – Account grouping and ordering utility to customize the Muledump accounts list
  • Muledump Online – Load Muledump directly from Github using SetupTools
  • One Click Login – Login to your accounts via Exalt, the browser or Flash Projector with one click
  • Storage Compression – Store more data in the browser than previously possible
  • Muledump Totals – Filtering on fame bonus, feed power, soulbound, tradeable, ut, and st, and specified accounts, and easy switching between pre-defined totals configs
  • White Bag Tracker – Track your white bag collection the way you want to
  • Archive Backups – Backup and restore Muledump with account data to prevent having to reload unnecessarily
  • Skin Wardrobe – View all skins owned by your accounts
  • MuleQueue – Task queuing to control the flow of requests from Muledump
  • Vault display is fully customizable and comes with four pre-defined layouts
  • Full character skin and dye support in portraits
  • Character sorting by fame, exp, total fame, class, active time, maxed stats, and custom lists
  • Custom character lists allow you to create custom Muledump account layouts showing only characters you specify
  • Exporting works with the following modes: text, csv, json, image, imgur, paste
  • Fully compliant with Deca rate limiting

Link to the full Guide

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